JD.com Says Sufficient iPhone X Stock and Over 1.1 Million Users Reserved it

On October 18, JD.com announced that the number of users reserved iPhone X bookings had exceeded 1.1 million. JD.com said the reservation started from the morning when iPhone X was launch. As platforms with iPhone X debut, JD.com sell the phone on November 3 at the same time as Apple’s official website.

JD.com offers multi-concessional service to improve consumer experience when purchasing iPhone X. Users who purchase iPhone X on JD.com can enjoy the old for new service and installment payment, so as to reduce the pressure of buying iPhone X. JD.com‘s integrated logistics service can effectively ensure that consumers receive their phones immediately after completing online purchase.

In addition, voices show though the first shipment quantity of iPhone X is limited, but JD.com’s self-operating shops, JD.com net and third-party shops on JD.com will work together to guarantee users are able to iPhone X at JD.com. JD.com, meanwhile, has also developed the “Tianwang” risk control system, prohibiting “malicious orders”, “product tout” and click farming, so as to build a fair and just environment for consumers who buy the iPhone X.

According to 2017 Chinese iPhone Sales Data in China from Jan. to June released by Sainuo Statistics, an authoritative research institution, JD.com accounted for 47% of online iPhone purchase in China, ranking the first place with 28% year-on-year growth. It means that one of the two 2 iPhones sold online is sold on JD.com.

JD.com said that since 2009 when iPhone officially entered the Chinese mainland market, JD.com has become the official authorized platform for the iPhone online purchase in China. So far, JD.com has sold more than 15 million iPhone.

This article originally appeared in Essay about the Internet and was translated by Pandaily.