JD.com’s Massive Online Retailer JD CENTRAL Officially Launches in Thailand

On the afternoon of Sept. 27, JD.com Inc. announced that the online retail platform JD CENTRAL, built together with Thai conglomerate Central Group of Companies, will officially launch on Sept. 28 in Thailand.

According to sources, JD CENTRAL started its trial operations in Thailand on June 18 this year, using a self-operated and third-party sales model similar to JD.com in China. It covers a wide selection of item categories, including electronics, fashion, home appliances, books, music and so on. At present, over 80% of users access the platform via mobile phones, and the most browsed categories have so far been mobile phones, food, household goods, and fashion merchandise.

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Chinese electronics brands have enjoyed a strong popularity in the local markets of Thailand. For example, the OnePlus mobile phones sold exclusively in Thailand through JD CENTRAL have been favored by many Thai consumers. Other Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, and Lenovo have also achieved outstanding sales results on JD CENTRAL.

“With the official launch of JD CENTRAL, we are pleased to see that JD.com has taken another step in serving Southeast Asian consumers,” said Yang Qikun, CEO of JD CENTRAL. “The unique partnership between JD and Central Group will provide Thai users with a real world-class e-commerce experience.”


JD Central
JD Central in Thailand

JD CENTRAL is working with partners to change the local market and uncover the unlimited potential that the country’s huge population holds.

At present, JD Logistics has built three large networks of large, medium, and small cross-border logistics webs throughout Thailand. The company plans to lift the number of operating warehouses to five by the end of this year. Through self-built and third-party logistics, JD CENTRAL’s logistics will cover all of Thailand.

JD’s most advanced and complete intelligent warehousing and logistics center in Southeast Asia has already landed in Thailand. It integrates a complete supply chain service system including warehousing, sorting, transportation and distribution.

With the expansion to Thailand and Southeast Asia, JD.com‘s overall influence in the retail market throughout the region is further deepened. Prior to this, JD.com has established a branch office in Indonesia, and has also made strategic investments in Vietnam’s leading e-commerce company Tiki.