JD’s driverless trucks made their debut

On September 28, JD showed its latest products—driverless trucks. It is reported that this was the first time that Chinese E-commerce as well as logistics industries launched intelligent truck products, which were tested in the fixed road designated by the transport department.

It is understood that JD’s two trucks, the new energy driverless truck EV80 and Dongfeng electric driverless truck, were researched jointly with SAIC Motor and Dongfeng Motor respectively.

The new energy driverless truck EV80 is equipped with radar, sensors, high-precision map and positioning system, which enables the truck on the march to perceive obstacles within 150 meters so as to have enough time to re-plan the route and avoid obstacles.

In addition, the equipped front camera can perceive the traffic lights precisely to ensure the safe travel.

JD stressed that the trucks could drive automatically, but in the road test, there were still drivers to deal with possible emergencies and ensure the safety.

Richard Liu, CEO of JD, had said that in the nearby future, JD must employ robots to deliver goods and lift his couriers from the burning sun, smog and various dangerous.


This article originally appeared in Kuai Technology and was translated by Pandaily.

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