Kai-Fu Lee’s AI Model ’01.AI API’ Goes Online

On March 15th, it was reported that Kai-Fu Lee’s 01.AI has recently launched its official API. Users can experience the Yi series AI large models, including yi-34b-chat-0205, yi-34b-chat-200k, and yi-vl-plus.

yi-34b-chat-0205: A version deeply optimized based on the open-source edition, with a 30% increase in instruction compliance and significantly reduced model response latency. Suitable for scenarios such as chatting, Q&A, dialogue, collaboration, and translation.

yi-34b-chat-200k: Supports processing approximately 200K characters of Chinese (equivalent to about one book of “Harry Potter”) or English words. Suitable for understanding multiple document contents, massive data analysis and mining applications across different domains.

yi-vl-plus: Supports high-resolution image input at 1024*1024 pixels with capabilities including image Q&A, chart comprehension, OCR, and visual reasoning. Suitable for analyzing complex charts and screenshots for tasks like information recognition, extraction, comprehension, reasoning etc.

According to the introduction, the Yi-34B-Chat series API has a faster inference speed, which not only shortens processing time but also maintains excellent model performance. In addition, the optimized API interface significantly reduces model response latency, further enhancing user experience in terms of smoothness and response speed.

Furthermore, the Yi Model API is fully compatible with OpenAI API, allowing users to smoothly migrate by making minor code modifications.

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