Li Auto Downgrades 2024 Sales Target Again Amidst Various Challenges

According to Chinese media outlet LatePost, Chinese EV maker Li Auto has once again revised its 2024 sales target downward on June 5th. The company’s CEO, Li Xiang, had previously expressed his ambition on Weibo to sell 800,000 units in 2024, aiming to position Li Auto as the leading luxury car brand in the Chinese market.

However, due to a lukewarm reception of the MEGA model and fewer orders for the L series than anticipated earlier this year, Li Auto was compelled to reduce its yearly sales forecast from 800,000 to between 560,000 and 640,000 units. Despite this setback, the company is still aiming to sell an average of 50,000 units each month in the latter half of the year. If this goal is met, the total annual sales would reach 480,000 units, representing a 40% drop from the initial target set at the start of the year.

During the company’s Q1 earnings call, Li Xiang disclosed that the company wouldn’t be launching any new pure electric models within the year. He also mentioned that the launch of Li Auto‘s electric SUV would be delayed until the first half of the following year. Despite these challenges, the company managed to regain its leading position in the new energy vehicle market in April and May after making certain adjustments.

Li Auto had a successful May, delivering 35,020 new vehicles, marking a year-on-year increase of 23.8%. Notably, the recently launched Li Auto L6 has been performing exceptionally well. Since its launch on April 24, it has already delivered over 15,000 units, setting a new record for the company’s fastest delivery for a new model.

While Li Auto is facing a variety of challenges and difficulties, it remains committed to adapting to market changes and improving its products and services.

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