Market Share of Xiaomi’s AR Glasses Ranks Fourth in China

On October 12, research firm Analysys released a report detailing the market share of AR glasses in China in the third quarter of this year, showing that overall sales volumes have now reached tens of thousands of units, among which are Xiaomi‘s AR glasses ranking fourth with a market share of 8.5%.

Nreal ranked first with a market share of 34.5%, Thunderbird Innovation and Rokid ranked second and third with a market share of 28.6% and 24.4% respectively. INMO ranked fifth with a market share of 4%.

Judging from the market share, the gap between leading players is not so cut and dry, and the market shares won by each player is relatively scattered. However, the ranking of Xiaomi‘s AR glasses is still striking.

First place Nreal was established five years ago and released its first AR glasses for consumers in 2019. It was one of the earliest players in this industry and the current industry leader. Nreal entered the Chinese market for the first time in the second half of this year, and Nreal Air and Nreal X launched this quarter went on sale on August 23, which means that the actual sales cycle of the brand in the third quarter in China is only about one month.

Nreal Air (Source: Nreal)

Rokid released their consumer AR glasses Rokid Air in September last year. Although Thunderbird Innovation was established in October 2021, TCL, its parent company, has accumulated quite the expertise in the fields of electronic display, AI and human-computer interaction.

The company behind Xiaomi‘s AR glasses is Superhexa, which was established in October 2020 and currently focuses on the innovative research and development of personal consumer electronic products. Xiaomi and Tencent were its investors. Xia Yongfeng, founder and CEO of the company, participated in the early establishment of Xiaomi‘s Ecological Chain Department.

The glasses, which referred to as a ‘glasses camera’ by Xiaomi, was officially released in early August this year and started crowdfunding. The suggested retail price is 2,699 yuan ($400) while the crowdfunding price is only 2,499 yuan. Since then, the product has continued to be sold in Xiaomi‘s shopping mall and Xiaomi Youpin, an e-commerce platform owned by Xiaomi. To date, 82 people have left comments on these glasses cameras on Xiaomi Youpin.

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However, the AR glasses have room for improvement. Judging from current evaluations of the product, users’ dissatisfaction mainly lies in heating and battery life.

In addition, the glasses’ AR specifications indicate that it has more possibilities to integrate with intelligent vehicle consoles. In 2022, domestic AR glasses brands and automobile brands began to reach deep cooperation one after another to devote themselves to providing innovative experiences for car owners, such as Thunderbird Innovation and Li Auto, Nreal and NIO.