Xiaomi sued a supermarket for trademark infringement

With higher and higher brand awareness of MI, increasing products copycat MI brand. Recently, MI’s registered trademark has been unauthorizedly used by a supermarket in Beijing. MI sued it to the court and claimed 100,000 RMB for compensation.

MI company claims that all products authorized to use its registered trademarks “Xiaomi” and “MI” (original trademark cannot display in word) include “mobile phones, portable wireless phones, video telephones and head phones”. Trademarks are within the protection period of the exclusive right.

As MI Company’s products are popular, the trademarks also obtain a higher brand awareness and influence. Under investigation, MI Company found that shops of the defendant, Beijing Auchan Supermarket Co., Ltd., sell headphones using MI’s trademark, which violated the MI Company’s exclusive right to registered trademark, damaged the legitimate rights and interests of MI Company and disrupted the normal market order. Thus, MI Company sued Beijing Auchan Supermarket Co., Ltd. and asked it to stop infringement acts immediately and to compensate corresponding economic losses and reasonable expenditure of 100,000RMB, as well as to publish apology statement on in the China Intellectual Property News so as to eliminate the impact of its infringement to.

At present, People’s Court for Haidian District, Beijing accepts and hears the case.


This article originally appeared in Chinaz.com and was translated by Pandaily.

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