NetEase Launches Video-Based Social Media Site Biying

Hangzhou-based internet technology firm NetEase has recently launched what has been referred to as an “emotional video interactive product” called Biying, local media outlet Tech Planet reported on Thursday.

After experiencing the app, Tech Planet found that it focuses on lifestyle sharing functions, and is more like a video version of Xiaohongshu, a popular Chinese social media platform.

On the homepage, the user’s “voice” – which mainly refers to the emotions expressed by the user – will be displayed in the form of a card. If others are interested in the user’s “voice,” they can watch the video attached in the card and post some comments.

The “voice” users publish is intended to correspond with what users see and hear in their daily lives. The personal center will keep the posts users create.

Compared with other products of the same type, Biying features a creative atmosphere. Everyone can find common topics and gain useful experience, thus consolidating the social atmosphere of the product.

In 2011, NetEase launched a blog site called LOFTER. Some former employees of LOFTER said that as early as 2015, NetEase had revised the product by imitating some functions of Xiaohongshu, but the efforts failed to meet original expectations.

According to incomplete statistics from Tech Planet, starting from 2018, Chinese internet giants have tried to create their own apps similar to Xiaohongshu, with at least 15 different examples.

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Xiaohongshu was originally a trendy digital community popular among female users. In order to broaden its consumer base, the platform launched a “Male Content Incentive Plan” in the first half of last year, boosting web traffic support in areas such as digital products, trendy topics, sports and automobiles.