NIO Executive Flagship Sedan ET9 Now Available for Pre-order

On December 23rd, at NIO Day, the new NIO flagship models, the ET9 ‘Executive Flagship’ and ‘Technological Flagship,’ were officially unveiled. Starting from today, they are available for pre-order with a starting price of 800,000 yuan (approximatly $112,154). Deliveries will begin in the first quarter of 2025.

William Li stated that the 5000 yuan deposit can be deducted from the 10000 yuan car purchase price, and also includes a complimentary 100-hour exclusive driver service.

In terms of appearance, the new car adopts the design language of ‘aerodynamic body’, with an overall shape that resembles a combination of a sedan and a crossover vehicle. The length, width, and height are 5324/2016/1620mm respectively, with a wheelbase reaching 3250mm. The official statement indicates that this car will bring the ‘largest in its class’ space for executive flagship.

In addition, the vehicle is equipped with 23-inch wheels, has a ground clearance of 200mm and a suspension travel of 220mm, supporting a one-second drop of 50mm. NIO‘s signature tower-style lidar, cameras, and other structures are also present this time. The new car also adds a side wide-angle lidar on top of this.

The car is also equipped with intelligent high-definition projection headlights, which can project zebra crossings for pedestrians and present a ‘tracking light carpet’ effect when turning. The electric tail wing at the rear of the car automatically unfolds when the speed exceeds 80 km/h, improving aerodynamic performance and range.

In terms of power, the front motor of the vehicle has a maximum power of 180 kW, while the rear motor has a maximum power of 340 kW. The new car is also equipped with a global 900V high-voltage architecture, including core components such as batteries, motors, DC-DC converters, and on-board chargers. The highest voltage of the entire vehicle is 925V, with a peak charging power of 600 kW and a peak charging current of 765A. At the same time, the vehicle is equipped with self-developed 1200V silicon carbide power modules with a module power density of 1315 kW/L and over 300 thousand cycles’ ability to withstand power.

The NIO ET9 also comes with a built-in 5C high-voltage fast-charging battery pack, with a total capacity of 120kWh. It adopts self-developed 46105 large cylindrical cells, with an energy density of 292Wh/kg per cell. It supports 5C flash charging and, when paired with a 640kWh charging station, claims to achieve a range of 255 kilometers after just a 5-minute charge.

The car is equipped with the ‘SkyRide’ chassis system, featuring remote-controlled steering, rear-wheel steering, and fully active suspension. The maximum angle of rear-wheel steering is 8.3°, with a minimum turning radius of 10.9 meters.

In terms of safety, the car has a torsional stiffness of 52600N·m/deg and a strength of 2000MPa. It comes standard with 9 airbags, with side airbags measuring 2.3m in length and 0.67m in height, claiming to provide 100% coverage for the front and rear passenger protection areas. It is equipped with the Aquila 2.0 super-sensing system, which claims to have a perception range equivalent to that of 60 football fields and a maximum perception area exceeding 400,000 square meters.

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