NIO Offers Free Battery Swapping on Highways During Labor Day Holiday

On April 25th, NIO announced that from April 28th to May 4th during the Labor Day holiday in China, all 362 highways battery swapping stations across the country will provide unlimited free battery swapping services to all NIO vehicles (excluding operational vehicles).

Among them, highway service area battery swapping stations will offer services around the clock, providing more convenience for users’ holiday travel.

Currently, NIO has built a total of 362 highway battery swapping stations nationwide, completed the layout of high-speed battery swapping networks covering 6 vertical and 3 horizontal routes, as well as 8 major urban clusters.

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NIO has built a total of 1,369 battery swapping stations (including 362 on highways) and 2,512 charging stations (with 14,903 charging piles) in the Chinese market.

It has also connected to over 690,000 third-party charging piles and provided users with more than 20 million battery swapping services.