OnePlus Back to the German Market

In 2023, Chinese smart device manufacturers, OPPO and OnePlus, were compelled to temporarily suspend their operations across various European markets due to an unfavorable verdict in a patent litigation case with Nokia. After several months of hiatus, the companies are making a comeback, following last week’s announcement of a global patent licensing agreement between OPPO and Nokia.

OnePlus has already marked its return to the affected countries, with the German official website initiating the sale of its foldable phone model, OnePlus Open. Additionally, the website has launched pre-order pages for OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R, signifying OnePlus’s formal re-entry into the German market.

Meanwhile, the German official websites of OPPO and Vivo continue to display messages indicating the unavailability of their products in the market, with a conspicuous absence of product listings. However, in light of the recent agreement between OPPO and Nokia, it is anticipated that these two companies will recommence their sales operations in Germany in the imminent days.

The patent dispute has arguably inflicted the most significant impact on OPPO, as the sales prohibition was enforced shortly before the release of its flagship Find X6 Pro phone. Despite the recent launch of the Find X7 Ultra in China, OPPO communicated to Android Authority last week that they have not yet planned to introduce this model to Europe, citing the patent agreement with Nokia as the reason.

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