OPPO and Hasselblad Collaborate on the Next Generation Hyper Tone Camera Systems, Debuting on the Find X7 Series Smartphones

On November 8th, at the OPPO Photography Forum, OPPO announced its collaboration with Hasselblad to create the next generation of Hyper Tone Camera Systems for 2024.

According to the introduction, OPPO has partnered with Hasselblad to combine the classic aesthetics of imaging with mobile imaging technology, and has established the Photography Aesthetics Feature Quantification Lab.

The Hyper Tone Camera System consists of three main parts:

· Hyper Tone All Main Camera System: From Just Higher Levels of Zoom To More Perspectives for Creation

· HyperTone lmage Engine: More Computation for Less Digital Artifacts

· Hyper Tone ProXDR Display: Photo Display Technology Made for Screen Viewing

In terms of portrait photography, the HyperTone lmage Engine claims to make faces more three-dimensional. OPPO’s imaging laboratory has expanded the sample color blocks for skin tones from 2 colors to 90, enabling accurate restoration of skin tone characteristics. The natural portrait bokeh engine also achieves internal gradient transitions, simulating optical blurring effects.

The next-generation Hyper Tone Camera Systems, jointly developed by OPPO and Hasselblad, will debut on the Find X7 series smartphones in 2024. It will also be featured on the OnePlus 12 series and OPPO Reno11 series smartphones.

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In addition, the OPPO Find X7 phone will be the first to be equipped with the MediaTek 9300 processor and will also be one of the first to feature Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. It is expected that the standard version of Find X7 will come with MediaTek 9300, while Find X7 Pro will have Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

According to the line drawings and renderings shared by overseas blogger Mahesh Ahir, it is expected that the OPPO Find X7 will adopt OPPO’s latest family design language. It will be equipped with a circular camera module, with a periscope lens placed in the center and Hasselblad logo on the right side.