OPPO Launches Limited Edition of Its Overseas Flagship F5 for Valentine’s Day

The Lunar New Year is just around the corner, and so is Valentine’s Day. Many Chinese mobile phone manufacturers produce special phones for sale during Spring Festival in the Chinese market, but Valentine’s Day offers better marketing opportunities abroad.

OPPO announced it would release an F5 Sidharth customized version in India. The F5 is its flagship phone in the overseas market, and Sidharth is a popular star in India. The marketing strategy is similar to one that produced an OPPO R11 themed on Yang Mi, a popular Chinese actress, for the China market.

The customized OPPO F5 will come in a new color named Dashing Blue. The rendering of the new F5 looks beautiful with the blue back and glass face. The sparkling effect is similar to several other glass handsets, such as Honor 8, Honor 9 and Gionee S11.

Although OPPO F5 is a flagship product, and was once considered an overseas version of the R11s, it has much weaker specifications than the R11s. OPPO F5’s 6-inch screen only reaches 1080P. It is a full-screen handset in 18:9 aspect ratio. The processor in the F5 is not a Snapdragon 660, but a weaker Media Tek P23. In addition, the F5 only has one camera and comes in versions offering 4GB RAM and 32GB storage or 6GB RAM and 64GB storage.

It is worth mentioning that the OPPO F5 is the first model of the OPPO that has used a full-screen design. Although the configuration of F5 is not very good, the OPPO F5 is still regarded as an attractive and inexpensive handset (priced at about 2,000 yuan) in India. It is a strategic product in OPPO’s Indian expansion.

This article originally appeared in Sohu Tech and was translated by Pandaily.