Pop Star Jay Chou and China Mobile Ink Collaboration for Development of Metaverse

On May 8th, Taiwanese singer, songwriter, and record producer Jay Chou signed cooperation agreement with state-owned China Mobile in the field of metaverse. During the event, Chou introduced “Mr. Chou,” a digital human created for him by China Mobile and Wētā Workshop, an award-winning concept design and manufacturing facility.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of M-Zone, a sub-brand of China Mobile, as well as the 20th anniversary of China Mobile’s cooperation with Chou. Zhou Wu, Vice President of China Mobile’s Market Operations Department, revealed that in 2003 they launched M-Zone targeting young people and appointed Chou as their first spokesperson. Additionally, they released a popular advertising song titled “My Territory”.

Chou expressed admiration for the digital human during the press conference, stating that he finds it to be a cool creation that will never age. He also noted that the digital human is even thinner than him, but added that it’s difficult to determine who is thinner after the tour concludes.

The digital human will enable millions of young people to engage in immersive social interactions within metaverse space. Users can create their own unique digital avatar and enjoy a variety of services, including gaming, music, street dance, and check-ins across six major spaces that include entertainment and sports.

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Chou has been actively involved in the Web3 industry. In January of this year, HighStreet, a metaverse project, announced that they had entered into a partnership with Chou. Additionally, Chou’s fashion brand Phantaci released an NFT artwork named “Phanta Bear” in 2022. Furthermore, Chou revealed his collaboration with Mints, a digital collectibles platform to create a music metaverse for his limited demos in 2022.