SF Express Subsidiary to Carry Out Trial Operation of Regional Logistics Drones

Shipping firm SF Express announced on Tuesday that SF UAS, a logistics drone operator and R&D institution, had obtained a trial operation license and business license for regional logistics unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

SF Express pointed out that SF UAS has thus become the first enterprise in China that can carry out commercial trial operations of regional logistics UAVs with significant loading volume and long endurance under specific scenarios.

According to the official introduction, SF UAS verified its operation practice based on the specific operational risk assessment (SORA) method, and passed the final review of CAAC in December 2021.

After the approval, SF UAS will take the lead in developing regional logistics and transportation services in Yulin, Shaanxi province, and other places in northwest China. This will help SF Express build a three-phase air transportation network consisting of “large manned transport aircrafts + large regional unmanned aerial vehicles + delivery unmanned aerial vehicles.” In the future, under the supervision and guidance of CAAC, the scope of the trial operation will be expanded in a timely manner, and the networks will be connected step by step.

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