Sunyard Issues A Clarification Announcement, Stating that There Has Been No Business Dealings with Pika

On the evening of November 30th (at Beijing time), Sunyard released a clarification announcement stating that the company has noticed media reports regarding the video generation application ‘Pika’. Demi Guo, one of the founders of Pika’s development team, is the daughter of Guo Huaqiang, the actual controller of Sunyard. Apart from this relationship, there are no other connections between the company and Pika. As of now, Demi Guo does not hold any position in the company and neither has Sunyard invested in Pika nor engaged in any business transactions with them.

Sunyard expresses that, after verification and confirmation by the company’s board of directors, as of the date of this announcement, there are no undisclosed matters in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and normative documents such as the Stock Exchange Listing Rules that should be disclosed.

According to reports, Pika has recently become a sensation and is now one of the hottest AI video generation companies globally. This is due to its co-founder Demi Guo, who happens to be the daughter of Guo Huaqiang. As a result, this event has also boosted the stock price of Sunyard. On November 30th, Sunyard’s stock closed at the limit-up price of 11.04 yuan (approximatly $1.55) per share.

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