Tencent eGame Successively Terminates Anchors

On Tuesday, many Tencent eGame anchors posted their farewell messages on Chinese social media Weibo. Chinese media Coreesports reported on Wednesday that the expiration of contracts was the dominant factor for the departure of its anchors. The hidden factor is that eGame is in the process of retiring anchors on a larger scale.

“eGame has been terminating contracts with anchors one after another, and the top anchors have withdrawn. The operation will be ended in June at the latest.”

For live-streaming brokerage companies, the retreat of eGame will not have a significant impact on overall business. Companies can take this opportunity to move to the top of eGame anchors on Bilibili, Huya and other platforms.

The eGame’s management has changed before this massive retreat of anchors. Jiemian News reported in August last year that IEG had established the eGame Product Center in mid-August, which would be fully responsible for product R&D, operation and promotion of eGame, while the live-stream gaming business department was cancelled.

In the current game live-streaming industry, Huya and Douyu have more than 40% and 30% of the downstream live-streaming market share. In terms of active users, the market share of both parties exceeds 45% while the total exceeds 80%. From the perspective of anchors’ resources, the market share of both sides exceeds 30%, totaling over 60%.

In the past two years, Kuaishou, Bilibili, ByteDance and other companies have also been vigorously developing their live-streaming game businesses. Kuaishou recently became the designated partner of the League of Legends S9 Global Finals, with 25 million viewers on the first day and 74 million in total. In 2020, Kuaishou won the copyright of KPL competition, taking the leading events of mobile e-sports.

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Bilibili is accelerating the opening up of its live-streaming and video services. In the 2021 Q3 earnings call, Bilibili CEO Chen Rui said: “(The point is) that uploaders and anchors integrate with each other. I’ve always believed that all video users should be live-streaming users.”