Tencent Music Launches China’s First Virtual Music Festival TMELAND

Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME), the online music subsidiary of Chinese internet giant Tencent, announced on Friday that it would officially launch TMELAND, the first Chinese virtual music festival. The firm has also launched online reservation pages on its platforms such as QQ Music.

The product will build a virtual music world based on innovative technologies such as end-to-cloud collaboration developed by XVerse independently. With this, users can create their own virtual images, communicate and interact with each other, and have the immersive audio entertainment experience combining reality and the virtual world through digital scenarios such as virtual livestreaming and virtual concerts.

From December 31, users can enter TMELAND through QQ music, KuGou, Kuwo Music, WeSing and other apps. They will then spend the first virtual New Year’s music festival with famous electronica musicians such as Anti-General and members of the world’s top 100 DJs such as Vicetone and Luminn.

The company said that TMELAND will also realize the functions of creating exclusive digital islands and freely laying out landscapes on it in the future. This product can also meet musicians’ needs in aspects such as authoring tools, growth resources and incubation plans in the virtual world at that time.

According to reports, TMELAND focuses on the “future urban style” design. From its initial virtual buildings such as conch disco and music museum to its cyberpunk urban background composed of neon lights and fireworks shows, they all present a “futuristic music world,” combining factors of science fiction and musicality.

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As for technology, TMELAND adopts many innovative technologies such as end-to-cloud collaboration self-developed by XVerse. It also breaks through the limitation of large-scale scenarios and multiple users online at the same time by redesigning the rendering pipeline, therefore creating a smooth 3D experience for users with high definition, interactivity and light terminal.

In addition, with the help of Tencent Cloud’s products such as cloud native technology scheme, high concurrency and high bandwidth data storage scheme and exclusive high-quality TB-level BGP network, it ensures a stable and smooth online real-time watching experience, so that users all over the country can enjoy the virtual world.