Tencent Sets its Sights on Order as it Turns 20

At the annual staff meeting on December 15, Tencent chairman and CEO Pony Ma, President Martin Lau, COO Ren Yuxin and Senior VP Zhang Xiaolong spoke about the company’s performance and the year ahead.

Ma said many enterprises stood side by side with Tencent during the past year, and together they brought changes to the world and life through the Internet. In terms of company management, the biggest problem Tencent is facing is internal organizational structure. Tencent needs more To B ability and a systematic combination of its organization structure from inside to outside.

Pony Ma

He also mentioned how AI would be a new platform for Tencent this year. A go computer named Jueyi won two world champion this year. The meeting used two sets of intelligent speech recognition and bilingual translation, namely WeChat Zhiling with Tencent Fanyijun and Tencent AI Lab.

If Ma’s key word was “ecology,” Lau said his was “empowerment.” For traditional platforms, it is important to find some new ideas to train the team and incubate new business.

Lau also highlighted Tencent‘s social responsibility and raised it to the level of mission. Tencent is becoming a social enterprise, and its mission is not limited to creating greater success for business, but also creating value for society.

Martin Lau

Ren Yuxin, president of the Interactive Entertainment group, said Tencent needed to open up a new category. Tencent should just be a developer, but should make great contributions to global games and bring new value to shareholders and employees through its unique innovation. In this way, Tencent will win wider approval.

Mark Ren 

Zhang Xiaolong, who is in charge of WeChat group, said WeChat had the most abundant data. Tencent shouldn’t only use user data to support its AI work, but to serve users and to create more people-focused products.

Allen Zhang 

In addition to the executives’ remarks, Tencent also presented its annual awards.

The first-person shooter mobile game Cross Fire: King of Gun Battles and social karaoke app WeSing were included in the company’s Hall of Fame Products.

The Tencent Founder Award, which honors the company’s founder spirit and products that set milestones in Tencent‘s development, went to the Arena of Valor team.

Tencent also presented its annual Business Breakthrough Award, Technical Breakthrough Award, Marketing Breakthrough Award and Management Culture Breakthrough Award.

A staff member named Fu Lu won the annual employee lottery. This year’s grand prize was 1,000 shares of Tencent stock worth 320,000 yuan.

2018 will mark the 20th anniversary of Tencent‘s founding. Tencent said it plans to focus on combing its internal organizational structure and continuing to develop AI, and it will pursue innovations in new fields.

This article originally appeared in Jiemian and was translated by Pandaily.