Tencent Unveils Carbon-Neutral Products Targeting Energy Sector

Chinese internet giant Tencent released two energy sector products on Thursday, including “Tencent EnerLink” and “Tencent EnerTwin.” This marks further efforts by Tencent in the direction of carbon neutrality, and it is also the latest progress of Tencent Cloud in deeply laying out across the energy industry, helping to achieve digital transformation.

The two products rely on Tencent‘s technical advantages, giving full play to big data, artificial intelligence and digital twinning. They will effectively encourage enterprises to improve quality and efficiency, save energy and reduce carbon, and help the industry accelerate towards digitalization and carbon neutrality.

Tencent EnerLink relies on big data, the Internet of Things, edge computing and other technologies to realize comprehensive energy data collection, visualization, analysis and prediction, and complete carbon inventory. Secondly, it provides more than 200 application connection tools such as VooV Meeting, Qianfan and Qidian to help enterprises build an energy management collaborative platform. Finally, based on WeChat mini programs, WeCom and other connection tools, it can help enterprises quickly reach users and partners throughout the industrial chain, continuously aiding ecological construction.

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In the field of intelligent production and manufacturing, Tencent EnerTwin can quickly build 3D visual models to achieve remote, highly realistic and immersive energy management. Relying on high-performance computing and AI technology, it can intelligently analyze monitoring images and video data, identify equipment defects and environmental anomalies, and improve the production efficiency and safety level of energy enterprises. This is particularly critical for complex facilities such as production lines and offshore wind farms involving high-risk working conditions.

Tencent is one of the first internet companies in China to launch a carbon neutrality strategy. It announced the “Net Zero” plan in February this year, promising to achieve comprehensive carbon neutrality in its own operations and supply chains no later than 2030.