Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Raise Price in China

As confirmed by multiple Chinese media outlets, Tesla’s locally produced models, the Model Y and Model 3, are set for a price adjustment starting November 9th. It is understood that the new Tesla Model 3 opened for pre-orders on September 1 and began domestic deliveries on October 26th, while the new Model Y started deliveries at the beginning of October. At that time, Tesla’s slogan was “Enhanced performance, with unchanged prices.”

However, Tesla has not officially responded to enquires about the specific timing of the price changes, the extent of the price increase, and the reasons behind it. “Tesla’s pricing system has always been fair and transparent. Even with the price adjustment, the Model Y remains the best product in its price range on the domestic market,” a representative from Tesla stated.

It is noteworthy that prior to this announcement, Tesla had just increased the price of the high-performance version of the Model Y on October 27th. At that time, Tesla informed reporters that only the high-performance version of the domestically produced Model Y would see a price increase, while the prices for the standard rear-wheel drive and the long-range versions of the Model Y would remain unchanged.

Elon Musk has previously stated that the company aims to maintain its delivery target of 1.8 million vehicles for 2023. This means that Tesla needs to deliver at least 476,000 new vehicles in the fourth quarter of this year in order to meet its projected goals.