Tesla: No Factory Plans Despite Grace Tao’s Shenyang Visit

On August 23rd, it was reported that on August 20th, Grace Tao, the Vice President of Tesla Global, visited Shenyang according to an announcement made by the official “Shenyang Release” account. Based on this, there have been rumors circulating that “Tesla’s factory is expected to settle in Shenyang.

On August 23rd, a Tesla China staff member responded to an interview with the reporter from “Daily Economic News” by saying, “There is no plan to build a factory, just normal friendly communication.”

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According to the official press release from ‘Shenyang Release,’ Grace Tao expressed gratitude for the support given by Shenyang City to Tesla. She also introduced the development of Tesla’s new energy vehicles, new energy storage, and other businesses. She mentioned that Shenyang has obvious advantages in terms of manufacturing industry foundation, application scenarios, scientific research resources, and talent pool. Tesla is confident in strengthening its presence and expanding its business in Shenyang. She stated that Tesla will maintain close communication with Shenyang, strive to find common ground, move forward together, and better serve both the Chinese market and the global market.

It is worth mentioning that the automobile industry is an important pillar industry in Shenyang. Currently, it has formed a complete industrial system with passenger cars as the main focus and commercial vehicles and special-purpose vehicles as supplements. However, there has never been an official confirmation regarding Tesla’s second factory in China.