Tik Tok Climbs into App Store’s Top 10, Honour of Kings Clings to 1st Place

Although Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and NetEase products dominate the iOS market in China, a number of companies such as Toutiao and Meituan Dianping have crept into the Top 10 ranking, according to records of iOS App downloads by App Annie in the month of October.

Tik Tok was the tenth most downloaded App in China

Tik Tok has attracted a large number of users, building off of Toutiao’s popular news App. According to App Annie Intelligence, downloads of Tik Tok on iOS were up by more than 50 percent in October, making it Toutiao’s most popular iOS software. Duanzi and Watermelon Video also attracted a number of users. Video and TV advertising have become an important part of the overall product.

In terms of non-game Apps, Suning.com (http://suning.com/)’s App rose 14 places to rank among the Top 10. October and November are major months for e-commerce due to the Single’s Day sales season. Suning.com (http://suning.com/) and JD.com (http://jd.com/) launched their Single’s Day strategy at the same time. Taobao and Tmall began early and extended their push to offline advertising and activities.

Pinduoduo, which performed well this year, entered the competition with a strong push. Overseas online shopping Apps like Amazon China, NetEase Koala, Ymatou and Red surged before Single’s Day and will probably hold strong through Black Friday. The competition in e-commerce will intensify through November, and will probably be reflected in the month’s App Annie list.

Honour of Kings still tops the list in terms of downloads and revenue

The general situation of China’s iOS games market hasn’t changed. Judging from the download list, Honour of Kings has held onto its status. Martial arts and fantasy games still occupy the majority of the list.

New in the list is Into the Dead 2, a parkour and shooting game supplemented by abundant story and drama. However, the game has limited staying power. According to data from App Annie, the game experienced a major drop in downloads in mid-November.

Art of War: Red Tides, released by Hero Games at the end of September, is a strategy and real-time combat game for multiple players. It was a success on Steam, and its mobile version was ranked ninth in China’s iOS downloads in the first month after its release. It was a recommended game in the App Store in several countries.

As for revenue, Ghost continues to perform well. FGO (Fate/Grand Order) was up three places from last month, ranking eighth.

This article originally appeared in 36kr and was translated by Pandaily.