William Li from NIO: Zero Traffic Accidents After 20 Years

According to statistics from the Ministry of Public Security, by the end of September 2023, China’s private car ownership has reached 430 million vehicles, with over 500 million drivers. As a result, there is an increase in accidents.

China is once again the country with the highest number of traffic accident casualties in the world. Publicly available data may be diluted, but last year China recorded over 61,000 deaths due to traffic accidents. The majority of these accidents were caused by factors such as fatigue, speeding, and failure to comply with traffic regulations.

How can we effectively reduce the number of deaths caused by traffic accidents? Many experts in the industry are hopeful for autonomous driving. Recently, William Li from NIO mentioned during his participation in Tencent News’ 20th anniversary special planning event that there will be zero accidents in cars 20 years from now.

William Li said: “What will be different about cars in 20 years compared to now? My answer can be summarized as 0, 0, and 100.”

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The first 0 refers to zero traffic accidents. In 20 years, with the advancement of intelligent vehicles and mature autonomous driving technology, risks can be prevented and avoided effectively. Traffic accidents will become history.

The second 0 refers to zero emissions vehicles that will be available in 20 years. These cars will not only achieve zero emissions while driving, but also throughout their entire lifecycle, including production, sales, usage, and recycling. In the future, smart electric vehicles will become the most environmentally friendly means of transportation.

The 100 refers to 100% understanding you, the intelligent electric cars in 20 years will utilize the most advanced artificial intelligence technology, and be able to fully comprehend users’ needs, becoming the most powerful companion and assistant in their lives.