WM Motor Launches “Intelligent Space Station” With China Aerospace ASES

Electric car brand WM Motor held an automated parking technology theme event at the Baidu Apollo Park in Beijing’s Yizhuang District on last Sunday, for which China Aerospace ASES provided exclusive technical support.

This activity integrates WM Motor W6 with aerospace science and technology and the self-driving vehicle test base, jointly building the first “intelligent space station” integrating automated driving and aerospace science and technology in China.

At the event, WM Motor combined space feature symbols with high simulation models, and set up experience activities including “launch,” “docking,” “landing” and “return,” which made the participants feel like they were in space.

According to the official website, WM Motor’s W6 is the first mass produced automated driving model equipped with Baidu Apollo Valet Parking (AVP) autonomous parking technology in China. Besides, Baidu Apollo provides millions of cloud computing power for WM Motor W6. After being upgraded to Living Mate 3.3 through OTA, it has all-round parking assistance features and can realize obstacle avoidance around piles and vertical/lateral parking.

Apollo Park is currently the largest testing base for automated driving and vehicle-road collaborative application in China. It integrates Baidu Apollo’s leading technologies and products in various industries such as automated driving, smart cars and intelligent transportation. 

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