Xiaomi Opens 500 Stores in India and Sets New World Record

Xiaomi has set a world record by opening 500 new Mi stores in India, all in a single day.

After opening their first store in London last week, the Chinese electronics company continues its international expansion. The brand has just clinched a Guinness World Record after opening 500 Mi stores on Oct. 29 at multiple venues across India. However, the claim has to be cleared by Guinness before the achievement can be formally announced.

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Setting a world record was merely a lucky coincidence of Xiaomi‘s aim to expand rapidly in India. Xiaomi calls the plan a “New Retail” model for India which aims to provide “flagship store experience” to customers in rural areas. The Chinese brand may break its own record if it attains its goal for 2019 to open 5,000 new brick-and-mortar stores and to employ over 15,000 people across the country.

“In Indian small towns or rural areas, retail stores tend to sell phones and other products. Most smartphone brands don’t have their own stores and there are no stores that sell phones of all price ranges. We have put great effort into understanding the different needs of urban and rural users.” said the Managing Director for Xiaomi India, Manu Kumar Jain.

As Mi stores emerge around rural India, Xiaomi will offer products of different price levels while, at the same time, keeping prices as low as possible. The company said it will do its best to make sure Mi stores in rural and urban areas live up to the same standards.

Mi store India
Xiaomi Store in India(Source: Xiaomi)

The Mi stores will exclusively sell Xiaomi products. The rural stores will have a TV wall dedicated to the Mi LED TV and will also sell other brand products such as Xiaomi phone accessories, suitcases and backpacks.

There are currently 50 Mi stores in India’s first- and second-tier cities including the largest store in Bangalore. Five of these are flagship stores that also display products that have not yet been launched in India, such as electric scooters and washing machines.

This is not the first time Mi India has made its way into the world renowned record book. In September, the brand clinched a rather bizarre Guinness World Record by creating the largest light mosaic logo using 9,690 LED bulbs.

Featured photo credit to Xiaomi