Xiaomi SU7 Max Equipped with LiDAR, New Retail Model Enters Substantial Implementation Phase

On January 9th, Xiaomi EV continued to answer 100 questions from netizens on its official Weibo account.

Xiaomi EV mentioned that there are no plans to collaborate with third-party car companies to launch a similar ‘Smart Selection’ vehicle. From the beginning, Xiaomi has decided to independently design, research and develop, and manufacture the entire supply chain. Xiaomi will fully invest in car manufacturing and bear the risks involved. This is not only Xiaomi‘s determination to go all-in on car manufacturing but also because we believe that only through full ownership of the manufacturing process can we ensure quality control and user experience at every stage of the vehicle.

Furthermore, regarding the reason for not disclosing the prices, Xiaomi EV stated that the event held on December 28th last year was a technology release conference for Xiaomi EV. We mainly discussed technology and incidentally mentioned some product information about the Xiaomi SU7. The automotive industry is indeed quite competitive at present, but Xiaomi has always been fearless in facing challenges as it grows from small to large. As we have said before, we are very confident that there is no competitor for the Xiaomi SU7 priced below 500,000 yuan (approximatly $69,680).

Xiaomi EV said that besides the standard version, there is also a Max version of Xiaomi SU7. Compared to the standard version, the Max version will further enhance its performance. Xiaomi SU7 Max is equipped with LiDAR, so it will prioritize the integration of more cutting-edge advanced features in terms of intelligent driving. A few days ago at our headquarters in Beijing, we officially signed a letter of intent for cooperation with the first batch of 14 sales and service partners. This means that Xiaomi EV’s new retail model has moved from the planning stage to substantial implementation phase, and we will promptly report any further plans to everyone.

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