Xmirror Bags Several Hundred Million Yuan in B-Round Financing

Xmirror, a provider of development, security and operations (DevSecOps) products for software, announced on Tuesday that it has obtained several hundred million yuan in B-round financing. The lead investor was Source Code Capital, while co-investors were GGV Capital and existing funder Sequoia China.

Xmirror is committed to investing more in the R&D of key technology innovations in China’s software supply chain security and in the layout of the industrial ecology, and will consistently upgrade its abilities to deliver and operate large-scale products and services. Moreover, Xmirror will deeply expand its coverage of enterprise-level security markets such as finance and commerce, energy and power, and intelligent manufacturing.

Zi Ya, founder and CEO of XMirror, said: “Security is essentially a dynamic balance of risk and trust. Over the years, XMirror has been engaged in helping A-side users to better accommodate changes, adapt more quickly to the popularity of cloud-native technologies, and perform well with endogenous agile security.”

Founded in September 2014, Xmirror is headquartered in Zhongguancun Software Park, Beijing. It is led by a network security tech team from Peking University. The company focuses on the integrated detection and defense of continuous threats through a DevSecOps software supply chain, with AI at the core.

The firm’s DevSecOps Smart “Adaptive Threat Management System” provides agile security products and software supply chain security services that mainly cover the key aspects of development and operations from threat modeling, open source governance, risk discovery, threat simulation to detection and response.

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Huang Yungang, a partner of Source Code Capital, said: “DevSecOps is a threat management-centric system that integrates multiple tool chains to help enterprises integrate security throughout the software lifecycle from development to operation, and will surely serve as an important part of the enterprise digital infrastructure.”

Xmirror now provides solutions for many enterprises and institutions such as the People’s Bank of China, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, XPeng Motors and China Southern Airlines.