XPeng Motors: Cross-border Innovation, the Driving Force Behind Smart Cars

He Xiaopeng, XPeng Motors Chairman and CEO, was the only representative of the emerging automobile manufacturing force to be invited to deliver a keynote speech at the main forum of the World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference (WICV) on Oct. 18.

“Smart car companies will much prefer to establish an ecosystem like Apple’s in the future,” He said during his keynote speech.

Smart vehicles are an emerging product that integrates information communication, Internet, big data, AI, and road traffic. As an emerging player in the auto manufacture industry, XPeng Motors is a cross-border innovative company that integrates hardware, software, and operations to provide highly intelligent electric vehicles for young consumers.

XPeng -1
He Xiaopeng, XPeng Motors Chairman and CEO, delivers a keynote speech at WICV (Source: XPeng Motos)

“The manufacturing of hardware and basic software will be the foundation, while the operation, such as user operations, open ecological operations, and commercial operations, will be the core of the company,” he added.

XPeng’s first automobile the David 1.0 and XPeng G3 appeared on the same stage as a highlight at the forum, attracting the attention of industry leaders.

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As early as March 21 this year, the David 1.0 earned a new energy license and completed a 10,000-hour test that puts the vehicle through extreme temperature conditions, as well as high altitudes.

Hundreds of XPeng employees have already received a test model G3 for conducting rigorous tests on. The monthly mileage covered by these employees amount to nearly 500,000 kilometers.

XPeng Motos
He Xiaopeng is introducing the upcoming XPeng G3 (Source: XPeng Motos)

“I’m not planning to let consumers be the first to test the vehicle for safety concerns,” He has expressed throughout many occasions. “We’d be more confident to deliver a truly smart vehicle after it has been thoroughly tested and tried.”

The highly intelligent electric SUV—G3 is equipped with an automated driving system adjusted for China’s traffic. It also comes with automatic parking and an advanced AI voice assistant.

The G3 will be available on the market and be delivered before year end. Its price before subsidy will be between 200,000 and 280,000.