Richard Yu Promotes AITO M9 via Live Streaming, Claims “Huawei’s Smart Driving Experience Surpasses Tesla’s”

Over the past couple of days, Huawei’s Richard Yu has been actively involved in numerous live streams, promoting various auto brands. This activity has quelled speculation about him taking a more behind-the-scenes role after his promotion to Chairman of Huawei’s Consumer BG.

On the opening day of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show on June 1, Yu presented the AITO M9 to Zhou Hongyi, Chairman of 360. During their conversation, Yu emphasized the need to innovate in the face of intense market competition and the importance of making products noticeable to consumers in the traffic economy era.

Since the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, many car company heads have participated in live streaming to promote sales. With new energy vehicle models becoming increasingly similar in technology and design, live streaming has emerged as a valuable tool for brand recognition.

Yu expressed optimism about Chinese new energy car brands’ global competitiveness, highlighting their advantages in areas like AI, software, and power management. However, he anticipates a future where only a few dominant players survive, similar to the mobile phone industry.

He also warned of the potential pitfalls of price wars, which may appear beneficial in the short term but can compromise product experience, quality, and safety. Instead, he advocates for a focus on delivering value.

In response to rumors of Tesla’s full self-driving software, FSD, entering the Chinese market, Yu stated that Huawei’s lidar-equipped smart driving vehicles offer a slightly superior experience based on engineers’ tests in the US.

On the following day, Yu live-streamed a near three-hour urban smart driving experience with the new M7 Ultra from the AITO. He commented on the competition in the smart driving field, noting that only a few manufacturers can achieve robust smart driving capabilities due to the significant data training, AI capabilities, and talent required.

Yu admitted that Huawei’s car division once suffered significant losses due to hefty R&D investments.

Lastly, Yu mentioned that while Xiaomi might have an edge in aesthetics and color, his focus remains on technological superiority. He also hinted at Harmonyos Intelligent Travel’s plans to develop off-road vehicles, emphasizing the need for product differentiation and innovation.

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