Apple Vision Pro for China Has Passed 3C Certification and Is Expected to Be Released after WWDC24

Two new Apple devices have passed the national 3C quality certification, one of which is labeled as “wearable computer” with model number A2117, manufactured by Luxcaseict. It is obviously the Apple Vision Pro.

In addition, another new model of mobile power bank with the model number A2781 has also passed the 3C certification, indicating that it is manufactured by Goertek and uses Vision Pro’s supporting battery.

It is worth mentioning that Mark Gurman from Bloomberg reported a few days ago that Apple’s Vision Pro headset will soon be available for sale in countries and regions outside the United States. Retail store employees from around the world have flown to Cupertino to attend a four-day training course on Vision Pro.

Before Vision Pro was listed in the United States, Apple also held similar training courses on how to demonstrate to customers and answer their questions. Apple has not yet announced the exact launch date of Vision Pro in other countries and regions, but sources said that the company plans to introduce Vision Pro to international markets for the first time after WWDC24 global developer conference. This year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference will be held from June 10th to 14th.

The report stated that employees participating in the training courses come from Apple retail stores in Australia, China, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. Therefore, these countries and regions are likely to be the first markets to receive Vision Pro after the United States. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously stated that Vision Pro would be launched in more countries before WWDC, but Bloomberg’s latest news suggests it will be after WWDC, which differs from Kuo’s prediction.

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Since its release, interest in Vision Pro has declined in the US market. It is reported that Apple has therefore reduced shipments of Vision Pro. Sales in international markets may revive consumer interest in the device; however, the price of $3,500 remains a major obstacle to its popularity. Currently, Apple has not announced the price of this headset outside of the United States.