ByteDance’s AI Chatbot Product Grace Enters Internal Testing

At the beginning of June, ByteDance was internally testing a conversational AI project codenamed Grace. After 2 months of research and development testing, there have been new advancements.

Grace has started testing, and the test interface is finally revealed. In addition, the testing website has also been set up, possibly for the future official website. However, currently to experience Grace, you need an invitation or authorized account login before you can use it.

The person in charge of ByteDance replied, “Currently, the product is still immature and in the internal testing phase. There is still a significant gap compared to leading models abroad.”

According to reports, Grace’s testing website is After redirecting to this website, you can see the website title displaying “Grace – Your AI Companion” and other words. Currently, it supports login with email, Gmail, and Feishu accounts but requires authorization.

After successful login, you will be redirected to Grace’s chat interface. By entering relevant questions in the chat box, Grace can answer them. Users can like or dislike the generated responses from Grace, or request for a new response to help improve its answering ability.

In addition to this text-based dialogue format, Grace also supports the generation of visual images. For example, if you type “generate a Doraemon image” in the chat box, Grace will generate multiple images similar to Doraemon. Furthermore, based on the generated images, Grace will suggest more options for users to consider, such as “paint a landscape painting,” in order to further enhance the artwork.

Overall, Grace has already met the basic needs of users and there is still room for improvement in intelligent conversation and graphics.

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Since the beginning of this year, AIGC has become a super convenient smart tool due to its ability to improve work efficiency and solve trivial matters in people’s lives. Many internet platforms have recognized its commercial value and prioritized it as an entrepreneurial track. Currently, companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, ByteDance, and Kuaishou have successively launched AIGC products or services.

According to data from iResearch Consulting, it is estimated that the core market size of China’s AIGC industry will reach 7.93 billion yuan(1.1billion US Dollar) in 2023 and will reach 276.74 billion yuan (38.5 billion US Dollar)by 2028.

Faced with the untapped trillion-dollar market, competition among all parties will become increasingly fierce.