Huawei’s HarmonyOS Will No Longer Support Android Apps

In September this year, Richard Yu officially announced that the next version of HarmonyOS, known as HarmonyOS NEXT, is ready to be launched. Native applications for HarmonyOS have been fully activated. The system foundation has been completely self-developed, eliminating traditional AOSP code and only supporting applications based on the HarmonyOS kernel and system. In addition, HarmonyOS NEXT can only use installation packages in Hap format, which means that HarmonyOS will no longer support Android applications.

With the continuous development and popularization of the HarmonyOS, more and more internet companies are starting to recruit talents related to HarmonyOS development in order to adapt to market changes and user demands. Recently, NetEase, Meituan,, DingTalk, and other internet companies have posted multiple positions related to HarmonyOS system, involving software development, mobile development, embedded development, and other fields. The salary levels offered are also higher than the market average.

According to the Zhilian Recruitment platform, from January to October 2023, the industries that mainly recruit for HarmonyOS-related positions are concentrated in the internet, computer software, and telecommunications/value-added services sectors. The positions mainly include software development, mobile development (Android), C++ development engineer, embedded software development, Java development engineer, and software testing. These positions also require relatively high educational qualifications and work experience. Over 75% of the recruitment positions require a bachelor’s degree or above and more than 3 years of work experience. The average monthly salary for these positions is 17,537 yuan/month (approximatly $2,404) which exceeds the market average level.

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In addition to recruiting positions related to HarmonyOS development, a platform has already announced the launch time of HarmonyOS App. On November 6th, LY.COM announced the initiation of native version app development for HarmonyOS. The native version app for HarmonyOS by LY.COM is planned to complete core version development by the end of 2023. The initial release of LY.COM’s native version app for HarmonyOS will cover functions such as flight booking, train ticket booking, hotel reservation, vacation planning, and bus ticket booking across all product lines. Functions related to business travel will be updated and improved in subsequent versions.