iFLYTEK Introduces iFlyCode 1.0: An Intelligent Code Assistant with Testing Features

On August 15th, during today’s press conference of iFLYTEK, in addition to launching the Spark Big Model V2.0, iFLYTEK also introduced the intelligent programming assistant iFlyCode 1.0.

After querying, it is found that iFlyCode 1.0 is an AI programming assistant tool that focuses on code level. The official statement indicates that this tool is based on the iFLYTEK Starfire V2.0 large model and has functions such as code generation, code completion, code correction, code interpretation, and generating unit tests.

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iFlyCode 1.0’s release is claimed by the official Xunfei to be a sign of the gradual improvement of Xunfei’s Spark Code capability. In the current stage of Spark V1.5, Xunfei has already provided a rich “programming assistant” that includes familiar abilities for developers such as database management, software testing, and development. Now, with iFlyCode 1.0 integrating the Spark Big Model 2.0, it possesses even more functions like converting Python code into Java code, which can enhance user efficiency.

Xunfei officials also stated, “The Spark Big Model is like a “code translator” for novice developers. For those who have no programming foundation and want to learn coding, they can use the “Spark Python Code Interpreter Assistant” to understand the meaning of each line of code. The Spark Big Model can also import and call various modules in Python, which is relatively convenient and efficient.

At present, iFlyCode1.0, the intelligent programming assistant developed by Xunfei, has been made available for trial to the public.