The News Says that ByteDance Acquires the Audio Brand Oladance

According to exclusive news from Wellsenn XR, in March this year, ByteDance acquired OWS company’s Oladance brand Dashi Technology for a purchase price between 300-500 million RMB. Currently, ByteDance team members have already moved into Dashi Technology.

It is understood that since 2022, ByteDance has initiated an AR glasses project. This acquisition of Oladance may be an important move for ByteDance to launch AI glasses and AI phones.

Oladance is an audio brand under Shenzhen Dashi Future Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on the field of OWS open wearable audio products. The company’s founder Li Haoqian and core technical team members all come from BOSE.

In 2021, Oladance globally proposed the concept of OWS (Open Wearable Stereo) for the first time, making home theater systems more compact and highly integrated.

In August 2023, Oladance completed a tens of millions of dollars angel investing round, led by Lanchi Ventures and BA Capital, with Borchid Capital participating. It is reported that Oladance is expected to generate revenue exceeding 1 billion yuan in 2024.

It is worth mentioning that ByteDance has previously ventured into hardware products multiple times. In September 2021, ByteDance acquired the XR brand PICO for 9 billion yuan. Although PICO faced initial setbacks, ByteDance did not give up as its core teams in OS, algorithms, optics etc., were retained.

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After the acquisition of Oladance, in addition to exploring and launching AI OWS smart headphones, PICO may also leverage its years of experience in AR glasses projects, combine with Oladance’s OWS audio technology, and take the lead in launching smart glasses similar to Meta Ray-Ban, achieving a product strategy that integrates eyeglasses + audio + AI first and then AR.