Xiaomi Reveals Progress in Car Manufacturing: Second Winter Test Coming Soon

On November 20th, Xiaomi held its financial report conference call.

William Lu, partner and president of Xiaomi Group, revealed that the goal of mass production in the first half of next year should remain unchanged, and the overall progress is as expected.

In addition, there will be a second winter test coming up, and we believe it will go relatively smoothly. There are no major issues in terms of meeting the original target for going public, and at the same time, Xiaomi‘s investment in the automotive sector will continue to increase. The number of research and development personnel is already around 3,000.

“As for sales targets, Lei Jun did not mention the goal of selling 100,000 units this year. Therefore, we hope that the media can be more rigorous when reporting.”

William Lu stated that Xiaomi‘s goal is to enter the TOP5 within 10-20 years, which is also a challenging objective.

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